As part of its continuing programs for the recovery and rehabilitation of Yolanda-stricken communities, the Philippine Disaster Recovery Foundation (PDRF) is introducing the Butterfly House Project to 50 pilot beneficiaries in a resettlement site in Barangay Bagacay, Tacloban City.  Developed by Filipino – American businessman Rogelio Santos, Jr. in the aftermath of last year*s super typhoon, the Butterfly House Project features a compact and steel-framed housing facility which can be unfolded into an immediately liveable housing structure. These “butterfly houses” are engineered for portability and can be built in minutes even by non-skilled constructors. Designed to be more sustainable alternatives to tents and bunkhouses, these are also equipped with solar panels and built-in LED lights which can support up to 18 hours of basic lighting. Units may also come with the option of added bathroom spaces. “We have carefully crafted these houses to ensure quality living conditions in resettlement areas and provide residents with safe, secure and durable homes while they transition to permanent housing,” explains Santos. According to PDRF President Butch Meily, this will help address the immediate need to get people out of tents and transfer them into better housing facilities. “The Butterfly House Project is an innovative way to make this happen,” he says. PDRF is the world’s only permanent private sector disaster response organization. For more information on how to support its ongoing recovery programs for disaster-stricken communities, visit (PR)