TACLOBAN CITY- The Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) has asked coconut farmers to clear their respective areas to hasten the replanting activity of their agency and at same time, avoid possible spread of beetle infestations.
PCA Regional Manager Edilberto Nierva said that if the debris which was due to the toppled coconut trees would remain uncollected, it would hamper their planting and replanting program which is part of the rehabilitation plan to the industry hard hit by supertyphoon Yolanda.
“There are farmers who cannot start planting coconut seedling due to the fact that there is still coconut debris stock in the plantation,” Nierva told Leyte Samar Daily Express in an interview.
More than three months after the devastation of supertyphoon Yolanda, the PCA still receives reports regarding coconut debris which remain uncollected.
The PCA donated chain saws to different local government units to help the coconut farmers clear their areas and at the same time, made to good use the toppled coconut trees.
The PCA regional manager said that they want to hasten collection of coconut debris in order to avoid any diseases which may affect other trees especially to those newly planted coconut.
On the other hand, the PCA warned the farmer that debris of cut or sliced coconut lumber, especially the crown, has to be thrown immediately otherwise it will cause beetle infestation.
“There may be diseases and other pests that may arise once this coconut debris will not be collected. This is the reason why we are on the process of fast tracking the collection of coconut debris,” Nierva emphasized.
In the region, the PCA reported that some 33 million of the 72 million coconut trees have been damaged by the typhoon.