CATARMAN, Northern Samar – The Department of Public Works and Highways, Northern Samar First District Engineering Office (DEO) has commenced the construction of a road in Barangay Doña Polqueria, Catarman, Northern Samar.

The P4.90-million project under the 2024 General Appropriations Act, involves the concreting of a 186-meter stretch road with a pavement width of 3.05 meters and a thickness of 0.23 meters. Additionally, a 186-meter-long concrete shoulder will be constructed with stone masonry on both sides for cross-drainage to be installed.
If completed, the road construction is expected to provide a safe, convenient and fast transport for both the commuters and agricultural products.

District Engineer Alvin A. Ignacio emphasized the positive impact of this development on the local community, stating that it signifies improved access to essential services.
“With the ongoing road construction, locals will no longer have to contend with muddy roads, especially during the rainy season. Soon, they will have better access to health, education, and other social services that will undoubtedly contribute to an overall improvement in their quality of life,” said DE Ignacio.

Danilo Balleta, a barangay official, expressed gratitude for the project, emphasizing how it will improve their quality of life. He mentioned that transportation was challenging before due to muddy roads, but with the construction of a new road, access to social services will be much easier.

“Before, residents had to rely on motor bancas to cross the Catarman River to reach the town proper. Now, with the ongoing road construction, everything will be accessible by land. transporting farm products such as rice and coconuts will become easier.” Kgd. Balleta further said.

The project commenced on February 21, 2024, and is expected to be completed in May of 2024.