BRIDGE REHAB. The Leyte 2nd Engineering District Office of the Department of Public Works and Highways has completed the retrofitting work at the Naliwatan Bridge in Tunga town at a cost of P3.9 million. (L2DEO)

TACLOBAN CITY – To prevent further deterioration and to have a sturdier concrete bridge, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), Leyte 2nd District Engineering Office (L2DEO) have completed the retrofitting and strengthening of the Naliwatan Bridge in Tunga town along the Palo-Carigara-Ormoc road portion to ensure the continued efficiency of transportation networks.

District Engineer Leo Edward Oppura mentioned that the project has an allotted amount of P3,908,921.15 million under the Bridge Program—Retrofitting and Strengthening of Permanent Bridges program of the DPWH General Appropriation Act of 2024 and was undertaken by Ztatik Mktg & Engineering Services.

“The completed project will minimize traffic disturbance and transportation disruption and maximize the long-term benefits for the public, especially in terms of smoother utilization, and contribute to a smoother travel experience for commuters, motorists, and all users,” DE Oppura added.

The Naliwatan Bridge retrofitting project will help extend the lifespan of the bridge and provide a reliable and convenient passage for residents and travellers in the area.

Additionally, the project involves the installation of 160.81 square meters of carbon fiber sheets on both sides of the bridge span and 153.48 cubic meters of stone masonry with concrete facing to make the bridge structure sturdy and resilient.

Naliwatan Bridge, which is 62 linear meters in length and included in the DPWH list of national bridges, is located along the path that links the Leyte towns of Palo-Carigara-Ormoc road section.