CALBAYOG CITY- The traveling public and motorists plying along the national road from Northern Samar passing Calbayog City will now experience comfort and convenient travel with a reduce noise level on the road.

Preventive maintenance fund amounting to P24.2 million has been released to the DPWH (Department of Public Works and Highways) – Samar First District Engineering Office based on the Pavement Management System/Highway Development and Management – 4 (PMS/HDM-4) under the DPWH Regular Infrastructure Program.
The asphalt overlay projects covered three road sections in the coastal areas of the city with a total length of 1.2 kilometers. The three road sections covered by the projects include:
1. Asphalt overlay along Daang Maharlika with a length of 0.0.3 kilometers in the amount of P 11.63 million;San Isidro – San Juanico Bridge, K0694+762 – K0695+450 Calbayog City, Samar.
2. Asphalt overlay along Daang Maharlika with a length of 0.6, P2.738 million.(SM) K0701+050 – K0701+216
3. Asphalt overlay along Daang Maharlika, 0.3 in the amount of P 9.86 million.K0710+650 – K0711+250, 250
The three road sections are located in Barangays Bugtong, Malayog and Baay, respectively.
It includes application of bituminous tack coat 80mm in thickness, laying and compaction of bituminous concrete surface course and application of reflectorized pavement markings, white edge line and centerline.
Asphalt overlay, as an approach to pavement preservation, will provide an improved ride quality, reduce pavement distresses, and provide long lasting service which the public will enjoy for a long time.
According to the project engineers, a pavement overlaid in proper fashion is a pavement stronger than new, effecting a reduction of subsequent maintenance requirements. (MARIANETTE Y.GOMEZ, PIO Designate/PR)