CATARMAN, Northern Samar– The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Northern Samar First District Engineering Office has achieved a significant milestone with substantial completion of the road widening project along sections of the Catarman-Calbayog Road.

This project, prioritizing road safety and traffic efficiency, has been expedited for the benefit of the local community.

The road widening spans 2.352 kilometers which includes the construction of reinforced concrete revetments resting on a 9-meter U-type steel sheet pile foundation, covering a distance of 217 meters.

Additionally, a reinforced concrete revetment with a 1-meter cut-off wall extending 40 meters, and a reinforced concrete canal measuring 708.41 meters in length have been included.

Salvacion Berwico, a resident of Barangay Somoge, shared her experiences expressing safety concerns, especially for children.

“Ako po Si Salvacion Berwico, taga Brgy. Somoge, sixty-one (61) taong gulang. ang experience ko noong makitid pa ang daan, maayos naman siya pero makitid. Walang madaanan ng maayos ang mga bata. Delikado kasi madaming sasakyan, at an mga bata minsan nadidisgrasya. Sa ngayon naman, maayos kasi malawak na ang daanan. Malawak na, ang mga sasakyan hindi na magbabangaan dito sa amin.”

District Engineer Alvin A. Ignacio emphasized the importance of the road widening project for the safety of the traveling public, stating “Ensuring the safety of all road users has been a primary goal of this project. With the widened road, we aim to reduce congestion, minimize accidents, and provide a smoother travel experience for everyone. Moreover, this project has significantly reduced travel time, allowing commuters to reach their destinations faster and easier.”

The completion of this project marks a significant milestone in improving road infrastructure and ensuring the safety of all road users.