ORMOC CITY- The damaged due to a fire incident that engulfed the Gaisano Capital here was initially placed at P190 million.
The damage is expected to increase as the losses incurred by tenants of the shopping mall have yet to be accounted, said Senior Fire Office Roel Wenceslao.
Gaisano Capital, located right at the commercial area of this city, was hit by a massive fire last July 16.
As to what cause the fire, investigators have yet to fully disclose it.
Wenceslao disclosed that preliminary investigation suspected the blaze might have started at the building’s second floor particularly the children’s wear section.
An investigation from their national office is soon to be conducted to exactly determine the origin of the blaze, the biggest to hit this city in eight years.
In 2009, Unitop Store was hit by a big fire due to a firecracker incident that trapped and killed 25 people.
The building occupied by Gaisano Capital is owned by the government which it leased for 25 years and is to end on 2021.
The building is now safeguarded by police officers on shift duties while waiting for the national investigators.
Tenants were temporarily disallowed to go through their stores for safety reasons.
The management has yet declared the number of employees who may be displaced following the huge fire that destroyed the establishment.