June 12 Thought: Respect Flag rites:
“We can’t make our mistake twice. The second time we make it’s so no longer a mistake. It’s a choice.
A flag ceremony, whether it be a flag raising or a flag retreat is sacred. Therefore, it should be observed with all the solemnity and sacredness of a Filipino citizen that can be mustered. But, as we go far away from the past years or declaration of our being independent, we are much getting too far from respecting our own flag and our own National Anthem.
The National Anthem (Pambansang Await) like the national flag should be treated with ceremonial respect. On this, the anniversary of the declaration of Independence in Kawit in 1898m it is perhaps timely to remind all to behave during flag ceremonies.
But, sad to say, many students, during the everyday flag raising ceremonies, instead of standing at attention while singing the national anthem, and while reciting the Patriotic Pledge(Panatang Makabayan), students prefer to move around, have some gossips and make fun which completely disregarding what is going on.
Those acts simply make the reason that students are calling the attention of all. We have to be more forced to give more emphasis to our country, love our nationality, respect the flag, the veneration f heroes and most important for students, the proper behavior during the flag ceremonies.
If flag ceremony cannot be held properly, why do we hold them at all?
(Note: The author is a Teacher III of the Lusad Elementary School of Burauen South District)