NSSDEO, Brgy. Burabud, Laoang, N. Samar– Through the dynamic management of District Engineer Charlito S. Carlobos and OIC, Assistant District Engineer Atty. Arthur Eric L. Sabong, the Department of Public Works and Highways Northern Samar Second District Engineering Office has completed the Construction/Upgrading/Rehabilitation of Drainage along Pangpang-Palapag-Mapanas-Gamay-Lapinig Road (PAMAGALA), on July 7, 2023, under the supervision of Project Engineer Nicanor L. Mejos, Jr., to provide safe and secure roadway to motorists and commuters by protecting the risk of flooding during inclement rainy season.

This project with Contract I.D. 23II0009 has an allocated amount of P4.8 million from General Appropriation Act of 2023, contracted under CDU Construction.

The construction works include: (1) construction of 20.00 meters single barrel RCBC cross drainage; (2) construction of 30.00 meters concrete drainage canal, (3) construction of 12.59 meters slope protection (grouted riprap); and (4) reblocking of 28.48 meters roadway.

In addition, providing drainage project along PAMAGALA road enables motorist and commuters to take off worries when traversing the roadway. This ensures protection of the riding public as well as preventing slippery road which often causes road accidents, especially in time of rainy season.

This project reduces damage to properties, infrastructure disruptions, and potential health hazards caused by inundation of water level. Through this project, it will decrease the maintenance costs which is advantageous to the government.