In Northern Samar

TACLOBAN CITY– A mother and her eight-year-old daughter were reported missing after they were carried away by a strong water current in Pambujan, Northern Samar on Tuesday (June 20) at about 9 am.

Local police, fire personnel, and members of the disaster risk reduction management office are combing areas within the Pambujan River, particularly in Barangay Giparayan, where the incident took place, to search for Eva Malazarte,35, and her daughter Hanna Marie.

Based on the report of the Pambujan police, the victims, on board a motorized banca, were crossing a river on their way to their farm which is within the village of Giparayan.

However, while they were about to dock, their boat lost its balance which resulted for the young girl to fall into the river.

The mother jumped to rescue her but due to the strong current, both were carried away and remain missing up to this time.

Malazarte’s husband, Ryan, and their nine-month-old daughter, Estra May, survived from the incident.