Without due process, they were eliminated. The death was painful perhaps and the fear before the death was more painful than the actual death, perhaps. But then again , they died and still dead up to this day.

Mortui dicuntur, the dead had spoken and in the dead of the night I was awaken by the nightmare that it is, they want me to write a piece about them, thousands of them. Those that had perished in the last Administration’s War on Drugs.

It was this viral video of a classroom presided by a balding Englishman Professor who at the get go send a lady out of his classroom without any warning. Then afterwards he asked the class about their definition of justice and they give a wide array of intellectual definitions. Having all these notion and description the Professor asked why the class did not raise protest when the professor sent the lady out with no reason at all? The reality came crushing in , the people do not really care about what is happening around him or her, not until he is part of the victims and the person is actually hurt by these chaos!
The figures look and felt sad. The 6,000 police estimated dead of the Duterte’s Drug war and the United Nation estimates of 27,000 dead. Modestly we can say that there had been thousands of deaths and very few accountability, very rare redemption on this very horrid reality of deaths and killings of mostly POOR suspects.

Yet after the Marcos Administration came with the new approach of winning the war on drugs the people perhaps used to the blood thirsty approach cried for more blood. However as time goes by when the smoke cleared and the drug war with a new approach focused on the apprehension of BIG drug dealers , it was not well applauded but the tons of drug haul was a very welcome development.When the House of Representatives came up with the idea of conducting a separate and prompt Probe and Hearing on Extrajudicial Killings, I was happy.

Late one evening in a deep slumber, I heard the voice of the victims, shouting in loud voices , write for us, write something for us , something about us !
These are loud yet clear mortui dicuntur. it is the dead that shouts! They need justice, the dead needs final resolution.