ORMOC CITY- A fisherman from Barangay Sap-ang, Silago, Southern Leyte who went missing for eight days was found dead at the nearby village on Sunday (June 16).
Town police SSgt. Leonilo Closa, investigator on case, said the beheaded body of Almer Tomol, 36, was already on the state of decomposition when found drifted to a knee-deep seawater in sitio Hibatian of Brgy. Hingatunggan, also of the same town.
His body was already bloated and beyond identification, Closa said.
The victim’s elder sister, Ailene Silda, confirmed the dead body was of his brother, through his short pants, the only clothing remained.
Closa, citing what the victim’s wife stated, said that Tomol gone fishing alone on Saturday morning (June 8), and never returned.
The boat he used was found glided ashore to the nearby village on the same day with his lunch still intact and some catch.
He also said the victim’s wife shared previous incident saying Tomol fell from his boat while fishing and went home with injured knee.
The police said, a local resident found Tomol’s body and reported to the police who responded along with the coast guard personnel.
The town police is still conducting investigation to identify possible crime causing the victim’s death.