ORMOC CITY- Members of the media from the cities of Ormoc and Tacloban recently gathered for a seminar on sexually-transmitted diseases.
In particular, how to better tackle the issue of HIV-AIDS (humanimmuno virus-acquired immune deficiency syndrome) was given focus during the two-day gathering, held this city.
The speakers of the gathering, which started on October 15, emphasized the importance of awareness on the HIV-AIDS as the best way to address the issue that now affects even young people.
Based on the records of the Department of Health, out of the 355 HIV-AIDS cases in the region, 63 from Tacloban and another 55 cases from Ormoc City.
The Philippines has one of the world’s fastest growing HIV-AIDS cases in the world.
Since 1983, there are now 34,158 HIV cases and 3,070 HIV cases with 1,759 deaths.
“We should arm our children with sexual education to protect them from being a victim of the said virus” said Tino Ramirez, the resource speaker of the orientation forum.
To control the spread of HIV, according to him, is to manage the effects of HIV among our youth and how the disease could be acquired.
There are only three known means how HIV-AIDS could be acquired, these include infected blood transmission, sex and using infected needles.
The members of the media who attended the seminar expressed their gratitude to Tacloban Mayor Cristina Romualdez thru the City Health Office and City Population Office for providing a venue to orient practicing media in its advocacy awareness campaign against STI, HIV-AIDS spread and the stigma attached to it. (GAY GASPAY/TISAT)