TACLOBAN CITY- Mayor Cristina G. Romualdez of this highly urbanized city of Tacloban, concerned of her children’s recent plight, acted recently by seeing President Rodrigo Duterte in Malacañang together with then Mayor Alfred S. Romualdez, to personally hand over two letters on the water problem of the northern barangays where most permanent shelters are located and the overdue rehabilitation of the Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport, this city.
In an interview, Mayor Cristina disclosed that the President warmly welcomed them and accepted the two letters.
Accordingly, the City Mayor personally thanked the President for receiving them and looking into the two recent plights of Taclobanons which was obviously was neglected and politicized by the previous administration
“Thank you Mr. President for receiving our letters for our constituents and for accepting us”, Mayor Romualdez said.
Mayor Cristina elaborated that the need to rehabilitate the DZR Airport is a must for the growing market in region 8, thou it was rehabilitated after it was greatly affected by supertyphoon ‘Yolanda’, the rehabilitation does not suffice the demand of the growing market, considering Tacloban is the economic hub of Region 8.
The airport ranked 10th among the busiest in the country serving 6 provinces, several cities and municipalities of Eastern Visayas with millions of passengers annually flying in and out of the region using DZR airport.
Taclobanon took note of how the previous administration diverted the 718 million pesos budget allocation intended for the rehabilitation of said airport.
Meanwhile, water problem affects survivors living in permanent shelters in the northern barangays of the city which until now no water connection were installed to service its constituents, some areas near the City would have drips of water 1am.
This causes a big problem to the city’s internally displaced persons affected by the 2013 supertyphoon Yolanda totaling to some 14,000 families without water connection.
Together with the people of Tacloban, Mayor Romualdez hopes that an immediate action to its request will be highly appreciated. (GAY GASPAY)