Aside from helping fishermen in the area

CABUCGAYAN, Biliran- Residents of this village and nearby areas earn income out of protecting mangrove areas aside from ensuring their place from possible storm surge.
Town Mayor Edwin Masbang told Leyte Samar Daily Express in an interview that the mangrove protection in his town showcases the blending of environmental protection and the appreciation of nature with ecotourism, livelihood and poverty alleviation in this municipality.
Practically it is like a “mangrove gardening” with a blend of environmental protection and livelihood, he said.
The style of mangrove protection in sitio Naga, Rawis Villa Corro of Barangay Looc, fondly called by the residents as ‘boardwalk,’ demonstrates that environmental protection and conservation can go hand in hand with livelihood undertakings to uplift the depressed socio-economic conditions of the people in the area.
He said about 100 fishermen in the area are benefiting the mangrove protection program.
The mayor claims that the people in the area find their livelihood as the mangrove areas are now a tourist attraction of the town.
“An average of 5,000 local and foreign tourists are now visiting the area every week to enjoy swimming and the ambiance of the mangrove areas including its natural setting. The place offers the tourist for relaxation, communion with nature, enjoyment and a unique experience one can observe with nature and the picturesque view of the area,” Masbang said.
The rise of the ecotourism industry encourages him to work on improving their new tourist attraction by putting up facilities.
The new improved project was unveiled by Mayor Masbang last January 8, 2017, with a 300-meter boardwalk that traverses to the sea passing through mangrove areas wherein everyone can enjoy the floating boardwalk experience.
Presently, the project with a mud crab production in the area has cottages, a restaurant and has boating services for the tourists to enjoy the attractive and picturesque view of nature. (RESTITUTO A. CAYUBIT)