ORMOC CITY – A farmer is currently recovering from injuries at the Biliran Provincial Hospital after being hacked and stabbed by his elder brother in Barangay Villa Cornejo, Kawayan, Biliran.

The victim, Joel Matencero, 53, was attacked by his elder brother, Jerry Matencero, 60, in an incident believed to stem from a land dispute between the siblings.

According to the initial police investigation, the attack occurred around 4:50 pm while Joel was watching a basketball game near the barangay’s basketball court. Jerry approached Joel wielding a bladed weapon known locally as a “sundang” and viciously hacked him, targeting his head, without any provocation.

Despite the severe blow to the head, Joel managed to flee, but he stumbled and fell on the pavement, where Jerry proceeded to stab him in the stomach.

Following the assault, Joel was rushed to the rural health unit for medical attention, while Jerry was apprehended in front of his residence.

Upon his arrest, Jerry was taken to the Kawayan municipal police station and charged with frustrated murder.

The authorities cited the ongoing land dispute between the brothers as the primary motive behind the incident.

The suspect is now detained at the local police station and was charged for frustrated murder.