ORMOC CITY- A drunk man killed his neighbor in one of the villages here after he reportedly got irked from the barking of a dog owned by the victim.
Killed was Apolonio Montesclaros,59 and a resident of Barangay Ipil who sustained multiple wounds from an 18-inches knife used by the suspect.
Supt. Reynaldo Torlao, chief of police station 1, said that based on their investigation, the suspect, Sonny Teves,42 and also from the same village, was seen running outside the house of the victim when the dog of the latter barked at him.
This could have irritated Teves who threw some sand to the dog.
The victim confronted Teves, who was under the influence of liquor, and asked him to leave the dog.
Instead, the suspect attacked Montesclaros and engaged him in a fight until both reached inside the house of the victim.
Montesclaros, who managed to hit the victim using a knife, was stabbed several times by Teves using his 18-inches knife.
The gruesome incident was witnessed by the victim’s wife, Teresita and their four grandchildren.
Teves immediately fled after the incident, leaving the victim dead.
It was learned that Teves went to the house of his brother who also lives in the same village.
But the brother of the suspect was able to get out from his house which resulted for Teves to chase him, ending at outside the house of Montesclaros.
After an hour, Teves was arrested by the police and is now detained facing murder and frustrated charges.