ORMOC CITY-Tragedy struck as a motorcycle driver was fatally run over by a 10-wheeler dump truck at about 5:20 pm on Tuesday (April 2) in Barangay Sta. Cruz, Villaba, Leyte.
The motorcycle driver was identified as Keith Christian Duja, 22, and a resident of Brgy. Cabunga-an in this area while the driver of the dump truck was Raffy Pagobo, 34, residing in Sitio Burabod Veloso, Brgy.Inangatan.

Police Major Edwin Tolibas, town police chief, said that the two vehicles were traveling in opposite directions: the 10-wheeler dump truck with temporary plate No. NGT 4114 was heading from Brgy.Tabunoc towards Villaba proper, while the victim, riding a motorcycle with temporary plate number 082410, was traveling from Brgy.Cabunga-an towards Brgy.Cagnocot.

According to witness Jerry Sardual,58, upon reaching a curved portion of the road, the motorcycle driver lost control, veered into the center lane, and was accidentally run over by the dump truck’s left back wheel, resulting in instantaneous death.

The driver of the dump truck, unharmed in the incident, surrendered to the responding police and was taken to Villaba municipal police station along with the vehicles for documentation and further proceedings.

Meanwhile, the victim’s remains were transferred to a local funeral parlor for embalming services.