TACLOBAN CITY- More than 500 plate numbers for motor vehicles were released by the regional office of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) on Thursday (July 6).
Edgar Catarungan, LTO regional director said, that the released plate numbers by their office covers the registration periods of July, August, and September of 2016.
On Thursday, about 504 plate numbers were released by the agency.
They intend to release 50 to 100 plates a day until all identified vehicle owners are given of their plate numbers, Catarungan said.
“Vehicle owners need not visit our office as we will notify car dealers for them to pick up their plate numbers,” Catarungan said.
Catarungan said that Eastern Visayas has around 100,000 vehicles, to include motorcycles, which have yet to be issued plate numbers.
But the LTO regional director assured the owners that they would be given their plate numbers soon as they were directed by President Rodrigo Duterte to distribute plate numbers to all motor and vehicle owners.
He said that their central office could now process 20,000 plate numbers day which could hasten in the distribution of plate numbers across the country. (JOEY A. GABIETA with HYDE OPADA,MARIA FELINDA CADA, ESSU Student Interns)