Considered by most of the world as a love month, the month of February is once again hovering in the air, sweetening the corners with whispers of love and devotion against the backdrop of red roses and chocolates, cards and love letters flying here and there as promises are exchanged by passionate lovers.

The highlight is still on the 14th when the so-called Day of Hearts unfolds, but as early as now, plans and preparations are already underway. Dates among friends, lovers, couples and other love-based relationships are planned in advance such that, this early, accommodations have already been booked; reserved for those who want to spend the day with the ones they dearly love.

And so, in a time like this, dating places prove to be in demand. Restaurants, resorts, hotels, plazas, etc. turn crowded with lovers come that day. Prices of flowers soar high, including the rest of related goods and services. In the United States alone, more than a billion dollars is spent on flowers and another billion dollars on chocolates. That’s business, commercializing love.

For sure, there is nothing wrong with observing occasion milestones, nothing wrong with celebrating the love month. But certain things have to be clarified. First, it must be emphasized that love is not limited to a day or month—it should be a daily feeling towards an object of love. Second, love doesn’t have to be that expensive—even the poorest of the poor can richly love someone.

At any rate, we still would like to celebrate this month with the rest of the world as the month of love. May it remind everyone, especially those that are living in hatred and bitterness, that love is still the best emotion to harbor in relation to others. The world would be peaceful and comfortable to live in if only love predominates in society.