The river flow to the delta , not only within the rapids but towards other ways where it nourishes life nonetheless.

We are the unusual water ways, we are flowing towards uncharted path, to irrigate the hungry land..

We are the Local Community Colleges.

In the recently concluded Global Academic Leadership program run by erudite and of ASIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, more than a hundred LUCs Presidents and Directors finished an almost year long program.

We were so happy of the opportunity but more than that, we were elated to be recognized.
In the opening statement of the speech of my good friend Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasig P resident Regie Maningas says, thank you CHED for recognizing us, the LUCs in the Higher Education Ecosystem.

To me that was not just a speech, it was a big exhale and sigh of relief.

We, 124 Local Colleges and Universities all over the country had that collective sigh of relief. We were not only given a fitting scholarship it was a validation of how important we are in the education of the next generation of citizens and leaders of this country.

With the worthy acknowledgement of LUC s role in the education universe, we cant help but look within our shoulders and see fellow LUC prime movers get teary-eyed, they recall the struggles and the structure mostly skewed against them and now stabilizing.

That moment, we felt the relevance and significance of local community colleges, shine a little brighter.

We are part of the ecosystem, alive and well.