ANTI-COVID SHOT. Photo shows Dawn Delgado-Ferrer, a native of Tacloban City who works as a physical therapist at Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center, Home Health Department in Los Angeles, California receiving the anti-COVID vaccine made by Pfizer on Friday (Philippine time). Delgado-Ferrer said that she did not feel any side effect but just felt a ‘mild pain’ where she was inoculated, adding that she felt relieved and happy to be vaccinated. “Go get the vaccines and help stop the spread of COVID-19 virus,’ she said. Meanwhile, as cases of COVID-19 in the Philippines continue to surge, local government in Eastern Visayas has allocated funding to procure their vaccines.

TACLOBAN CITY- Several local government units in the region are planning to procure their own vaccines against coronavirus.
Among these local governments are the provincial governments of Eastern Samar and Biliran; and the city government here in Tacloban.
The provincial government of Eastern Samar will be allocating around P500 million to procure vaccines on anti-coronavirus disease (COVID-19).
This was disclosed by Governor Ben Evardone who said that the vaccines will be provided to all the people of the province down to its far-flung barangays and sitios.
“We are preparing about P500 million for the vaccines, medicines, and other items to make sure that our people are protected from this virus,” he said.
According to the governor those who will receive the inoculation from the province are those who will not be covered under the national government program.
“It will all be on a voluntary basis but all will be accomodated. But I would like to continue to appeal to our people to strictly observe health protocols before and after vaccinations,” Evardone said.
The governor added that he would mobilize the Provincial Health Office and all health units in the province during the vaccination to ensure that health protocols will be followed.
Tacloban City Vice Mayor Jerry Yaokasin said that the city government has allocated close to P30 million to procure the vaccines.
He said that P22.2 million will be sourced under the public health emergency program under the Office of the Mayor and another P7 million under the City Health Office.
The province of Biliran also plan to procure its own vaccines, said Gov.Rogelio Espina.
Espina, however, could not say yet as to how much the province will be setting aside for this purpose. (JOEY A. GABIETA)