TACLOBAN CITY – The municipal government of Carigara will be giving more focus on infrastructures and implement projects that could stir more economic activities among its local businesses as it charts its local agenda for 2017.
Town officials together with department heads, selected employees, and representatives from national government agencies recently gathered to formulate its Executive-Legislative Agenda (ELA) in Cebu City.
Carigara Mayor Eduardo Ong disclosed that he would be prioritizing for more investments and businesses to generate more jobs and livelihood opportunities for the people.
“More investors would mean more jobs and economic opportunities for our people,” Ong said.
Meanwhile, Ong said that they will be providing a special program for those who surrendered under the Philippine National Police’s “Oplan Tokhang” which would include food- for- work and counseling classes.
About 350 drug users and pushers in the town have voluntarily surrendered since “Tokhang” was enforced last month.
“The surrenderees underwent several trainings for self-renewal as they were integrated back to the community” said Ong.
The mayor said that since they don’t have limited fundings, the plan to put up their own rehabilitation center is remote at this time.
“The LGU may be able to construct a rehab center but with the limited funding, we cannot operate our own since it will require staff, counseling, and food,” Ong said.
The mayor emphasized other target priorities such as improved health service; program for basic services; housing programs for families living along the coastal areas and permanent danger zones; business industry promotion and marketing for more economic activity and, effective disaster preparedness and management.
Mayor Ong said formulation of the ELA is important as it guides and enables the executive and legislative branches to agree on priority problems and issues and focus on a set of interventions.
“This activity also promotes the judicious use of LGU budget and resources,” Ong added.
Carigara works on P102 million internal revenue allotment and an P 18 million local revenue. (AHLETTE C.REYES/