CARIGARA, Leyte- Mayor Eduardo Ong of this town is pushing for the revision of its revenue code with the aim of shoring up its income.
Ong said that their current tax code is no longer applicable with the current situation, thus, there is an urgent need to revise it.
The town mayor also said that a bigger income for the town could mean more projects and programs that are to benefit the people.
He added that he is also seeking help from the Department of Public Works and Highways to allocate P200 million that he would need to construct the expanded commercial center where new investors could be located.
“We have to accept that the value of peso now is not anymore the same than during the time our revenue code was enacted. It has to be revised to suit present times,” Ong said.
It was learned from Ong that the municipal government earned P22.17 million last year from its local sources, namely, P 1.13 million from real property tax collection; P 3.12 million from tax on businesses; P 1.91 million from regulatory fees, P 8.51 million from economic enterprises and P5 million in taxes.
Meanwhile, its non-tax revenue such as certification/secretarial fees, rentals on provincial government facilities buildings/hall/equipment), permit fees, miscellaneous income amounted to P12.59 million of the same fiscal year.
“The collection is already good but we can do better if we enforce tax reform policies that would improve local tax sources,” Ong stressed.
Increased revenue collected could also mean, more projects and programs for the towns, the mayor added.
Meantime, Mayor Ong said that more investors are expected to do business in Carigara.
He mentioned that the opening of Puregold, one of the country’s leading supermarket chains, in Carigara that is expected to provide employment and not just income for the local government.
He also said that Metro Bank will also open its branch in the town.
At present, there are 520 business establishments operating in Carigara.