TACLOBAN CITY- The members of the Leyte Dance Theatre recently performed at various cities in the United States. But unlike on their previous performances, which center mainly on showcasing the country’s local dances, this time they made their performances to help raise funds for the victims of super typhoon Yolanda.

And incidentally, almost all of the members of one of the country’s most prestigious dance groups were also victims of Yolanda. This mission of raising funds, needless to say, was achieved, said dance master Jess de Paz, founder of the Leyte Dance Theatre. The group performed in various states of the US from April 11 to June 14.

“All our performances was well-received, (we get) overwhelming response from our audience and that’s precisely why I think most of our members were satisfied and fulfilled. I think they are happy that the Leyte Dance Theatre, being victims of Yolanda was able to go,” de Paz said.

The group had their performances in San Francisco, San Jose, and Anaheim, all in California; Las Vegas, Nevada; San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, and Austin in Texas; Killeen, Beaumont; Virginia Beach; Washington DC; New Jersey; New Haven, Connecticut; Tucson, Arizona; Melbourne and Tampa in Florida; Charlotte, North Carolina and New York. All in all, they held 21 performances and also presented in sideshows at hospitals, nursing homes, and schools, de Paz said. The LDT founder, however, did not mentioned how much they were able to raise during their performances in the US.

During their fund raising, the LDT performed “Diwata ha Buscada,” a story of a diwata or an enchanted woman falling in love with a mortal man; “Mindanao Sketches” which showcase the royalty of the Filipino Muslims; “Dances of Lowlander” (Rural Suite) magnified the festival culture or the fiesta spirit of the Filipinos and “Bayan Ko,” which showcases Filipino’s love for freedom. (REINALORE P. GUIMBAOLIBOT/LNU Intern)