ORMOC CITY-The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Leyte 4th District Engineering Office (DEO) takes significant strides to enhance road safety along Ormoc-Baybay-Southern Leyte Boundary Road with the dedicated maintenance fieldworkers having successfully installed load limit signs on bridges and restored deteriorated chevron signs.

The installation of load limit signs is important in maintaining the structural integrity of bridges and preventing potential hazards. These signs specify the maximum weight capacity that a bridge can safely bear and by adhering to these limits, heavy vehicles can avoid exceeding thresholds thereby reducing the risk of bridge collapse or damages.

Furthermore, the restoration of chevron signs along the primary road helps minimize the risk of accidents as these distinct arrowhead patterns in the roads boosts visibility and provide advance warning about sharp turns, allowing for smoother navigation of motorists.
The DEO urges motorists to adhere to these road signs, ensuring that heavy vehicles operate within safe parameters. These meticulous efforts promote road safety and maintain a safe and efficient transportation network for the benefit of the people of Leyte 4th District. (PR)