BOBON, Northern Samar- This town is strictly enforcing an ordinance prohibiting minors to loiter in the streets during the night. The curfew imposed by the municipal government and enforced by the local police was based on an ordinance approved by the Sangguniang Bayan on October 20, 2014.
The curfew is from 10 pm up to 4 am the following day. Based on Ordinance Number 2014-07, minors below 18 who will violate it will be penalize by undergoing a community service to be followed with a guidance counseling along with their parents or guardians. Also, as part of the “penalty,” the violators are required to attend any religious activity in their town. The curfew is from 10 pm up to 4 am the following day. The ordinance was meant to ensure the safety and security of minors from any untoward incidents during the curfew hours. However, minors who will be caught in the streets within the curfew hour but are homeless, abandoned, neglected or no known parents or relatives will be referred to the local office of the Department of Social Welfare and Development. Meantime, minors are exempted from this ordinance if they are accompanied by their parents or family members of legal age; if they are involved or participating school affairs, church activities or any emergency purposes, provided the local police are notified accordingly. The said ordinance was principally authored by Councilor Danilo Balena and approved by Mayor Reny Celespara. (PETER PAREDES)