The country is on a heat streak so to speak. Heat Index in different locations are constantly on a spike. The Local Government Units are actually on the lookout to issue orders of class suspension due to the unbearable heat. The effect is actually devastating to plants, as we saw much death on foliage and shrubs. The soil on farms cracks with aridity and despair are painted on the faces of farmers.

Climate change is posing serious issues for the Philippines. The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) reports that rising temperatures, an increase in the frequency of extreme weather events, and changes in rainfall patterns are all occurring throughout the nation.

Although there may be occasional nighttime showers, the sun’s constant heat is a regular occurrence. This made many fearful and curious about whether the Philippines would eventually turn into a desert?

The effects of climate change raise severe concerns about tropical nations like the Philippines possibly turning into deserts in the future. Desertification, the process of turning a territory into a desert, is more common in areas that already experience a semi-arid or dry environment, which is not the case in the tropical Philippines.

We are concerned despite the remote likelihood since the persistent heat suggests that the nation may be experiencing a protracted dry spell that is approaching.

We can however adopt climate mitigation and adaptation.

a. We can plant trees. Employ, better and real Urban Planning. Convince residents to have urban gardening. Urban Greening is an old scheme but it will be very useful.

b. Water Conservation is also a must. Recycle water from the waste water we wantonly threw, we can use them for gardens and cleaning cars and the likes.

c. Education and awareness is vital on all this and it doesn’t take a genius to spread awareness and educate people . This is vital for our survival.

d. Lastly, lavish and excessive lifestyle, the numerous Fiestas in the month of May, in the face of the drought we are facing is also pushing us towards perdition, austerity and modest way of living is a must.

These may be often repeated reminders, but if we will not do this, we may become a desert, in the long term.