TACLOBAN CITY- An international aid group helping the victims of super typhoon Yolanda vowed to increase its area of intervention on its bid to ensure that more victims could avail of their food and non-food services.
At present, the INTERSOS serve the people of Tacloban, Tanauan, Tolosa, Tabontabon and Santa Fe, all in Leyte.
The group’s assistant project manager Aljun Diaz said that it was in Tanauan town that they first visited distributing tents, tarpaulins, kitchen sets and blankets to its 858 families.
Also, the group donated a generator set to the MSF Hospital and local church; water treatment unit and other related items to Department of Education, and also a tent to municipal government of Tanauan.
In their educational support, the INTERSOS has started its holistic education activities so that the children can go back to school and continue learning while teachers including other individuals involved with education, would be confident to support children after Yolanda.
“Our activities are based on the principles of solidarity, justice, human dignity, equality of rights and opportunities, and respect for diversity and coexistence (and) paying special attention to the most vulnerable and unprotected people,” Diaz said.
Partnering with the United Nations International Children’s Fund(Unicef), INTERSOS is working in 125 schools with 79,181 students in Tacloban, Tanauan, Tolosa, Tabon-tabon and Santa Fe in which they started its massive “Back-to-Learning” campaign so that children affected by Yolanda will be motivated to go back to return to school.
It also provided training for teachers and staffs of the Department of Education on psychosocial care for children affected by Yolanda and disaster risk reduction (DRR) to smile again while learning how to avoid, or cope with, future risk by natural disaster.
INTERSOS is also planning to start its engagement for protection, especially child protection area, Diaz said.