TACLOBAN CITY- Mayor Susan Ang of San Isidro, Leyte reported of series of incidents of houses being burglarized seven months after supertyphoon Yolanda hit their town. Ang said that after she received reports of these separate incidents, she right away called the town police chief to conduct a thorough investigation by identifying the perpetrators and file appropriate charges against them. “These incidents are not alarming but I will not allow the people of San Isidro being victimized to burglary and their houses being ransacked while they are sleeping, “the town mayor said. She said that she ordered the S/Inspector Jimmy Balasanos, town police chief, to conduct check point to protect the people against the perpetrators. Mayor Ang said that based on information relayed to her, three houses were already victimized by the perpetrators carting with them personal belongings, cash and gadgets like laptops and motorcycles of the victims. Board Member Alan Ang, former mayor of the town and husband of the incumbent chief executive, said that he was shock when he learned on the string of incidents at their town. He said that police authorities have yet to identify who could be behind to these incidents. But he board member said that based on the raw information he obtained, the perpetrators were not from the place but from Ormoc City. Board Member Ang said that based on his information that he received that the suspects in from Ormoc city and they are contacted in this municipality but the local police are in blank of the investigation. “We will make sure that the perpetrators will be identified and face appropriate charges. The people are still reeling from the effects and Yolanda and now they are again being victimized by these individuals,” Ang said. (LITO A. BAGUNAS)