TACLOBAN CITY – Hundreds of Tacloban substance users and pushers availed of the five-day holistic 2nd batch transformation program held July 25-30, 2016 at the Tacloban Astrodome. Supportive of the city’s priority program in support to President Rodrigo Duterte’s thrust, City Mayor Cristina G. Romualdez welcomed hundreds of participants on its first day opening and signified her presence as they recieved their certificate of completion. Mayor Cristina informed them that an office at the astrodome will be open to provide service to their needs such as livelihood classes through the Cristina Learn & Earn Program (CLEP) and the Comprehensive Livelihood Entrepreneurial Program which will equip “transformers” with skills that will free them from the bondage of the prohibited drugs.

The rehabilitation of each user will take some time but sacrifices will be made by the victim, supported by the government from the barangay, city and the national as well, the lady mayor said. In an interview, Yoyong (not his real name) and who has been into drugs since his teen years, said that he hope that the transformation program will totally change his ways, especially with a family to take care of. Yoyong has a wife and two kids. He sees a brighter future with the livelihood skills training the program can provide, through an array of course such for men as carpentry, masonry, plumbing, welding, electrical installation and heavy equipment operator. Meanwhile, the program also offers courses on cosmetology, dressmaking, food processing and cooking and haircutting for women. The city government’s Transformation Program Inside Out” is the city’s answer to President Duterte’s anti illegal-drug campaign. As of press time, thousands of illegal drug users have submitted to transform themselves through the program. (Gay Gaspay -TISAT/Kanhuraw Media Team)