A clear afterthought was the delayed pronouncement issued by the president by stating what his supporters and believers want to hear “I stand united with the Filipinos worldwide the Ninoy Aquino Day” which marked the 40th of that “murder of the century” that fell Ninoy on the tarmac of the Manila International Airport. Such statement was aimed at earning praises from the duped and gullible lot that he is truly for unity. It was a claptrap that caught the nod of those who believe in his oxymoronic statements that lure many people to clap at every declaration pushing for unity.

But the real score is in his actions that appear diametrically opposed to his statements. Claiming to be united with the Filipinos worldwide is nonsense humbugging as he need not look beyond the neighborhood to show proof of his statements. The momentous event that celebrated the death of Ninoy was held in Santo Domingo Parish Church along Quezon Avenue in Quezon City. It was the same hallowed place where Ninoy’s wake was held, allowing throngs of Filipinos queueing day and night to give their last respects and final glimpse of the bloodied face of their martyr and hero.

The longing of the churchgoers that swelled every minute to fill the Santo Domingo Parish Church hours before the 10:00 o’clock requiem mass officiated by His Most Reverend Archbishop Socrates B. Villegas, D.D., Bishop of Dagupan and concelebrated by over ten Archbishops and Bishops and about fifty monsignors and priests. The celebration marking the 40th death anniversary of Ninoy’s death was the apt place to show the unity being brandished by the president in his public statements. His mere presence joining the Filipinos in Santo Domingo Parish Church could have proved his sincerity, else, his true self as a mere politician of mere pretenses.

It is hard to blame the Filipinos who keep doubting every statement that appears nothing but to satiate the people of whatever they want to hear. Such statements are taken hook, line and sinker by the gullible lot who follow blindly without making any effort to verify the facts behind every statement. Worse, such unverified statements are easily and irresponsibly spread on all platforms, chiefly on social media. The spread of unverified tales creates a chain of false information worldwide.

It is high time for Filipinos to be responsible in taking tales that are intended merely to earn media mileage and confuse the public of the real story behind every politically adulterated statement. The real measure of what is factual truth is not in the speaking but in the doing with consistency of what is said. The issuance of motherhood statements that are clearly diametrically opposed to the facts and nothing by empty statements motivated by a personality and character that is merely humbugging.
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