As the year starts, it is not my wish to spoil and shoot the euphoria. It would be rather easy to close our eyes of the negatives and focus on the positives.

The bandwagon mentality would rather shut our eyes to the inconveniences of seeing these sad realities on the road , no not the gaping holes and re blocking, they are small in number nowadays, but these statistics are rather alarmingly, unchanged. The number of houses on the roadsides of Leyte and Samar, uninhabited and slowly intruded by weeds ,destroyed and rendered dilapidated by the elements.

The sad case of dwellings lacking of humans as settlers. What i saw were frogs , roaches , rats and perhaps snakes. And sadly, many of them are in advanced entropy.

Whatever happens to the billions worth of public funds ( read : taxes), that was used to finance shelters for the people only to be used by pests and inavaded by weeds?
We do not wish to sow intrigues,nor plant ill will in the opening days of a new year, but we cannot help but feel sad.

We cannot help but grind our teeth in diay looking at those countless houses that could have been homes ,not a monument to man’ s greed and foolish ways to circumvent proper specifications for profit…grind our teeth in dismay.

This year , my wish is to see these empty houses, filled with real people not with regrets and smorgasbord of pests and weeds I don’t know if the Senate could probe the same but on second thought, we cannot name people or entity punished due to their probe.

But perhaps, the conscience that our officials have may prove to be more effective.
And perhaps Karma will strike the culprits soon.

But till then, these houses are not homes at least to humans. They are hatcheries, breeding grounds to all things bad and ugly. And the evil men continues to laugh their way to the banks.

And you, hapless tax payers ,grumble and curse, because you dont have a home of which is unencumbered,unhinged and not tied to a mortgage. While these houses numbering to hundreds perhaps a thousand ,slowly but surely fade into unstoppable decay…