One thing you will notice among government officials, including Legislators, share one characteristic – that of being REACTIVE, instead of being PROACTIVE!

A case of “suffer first and find remedy later”! Such is the crafting of House Bill No. 1972 by the Gentleman from Rizal 4th District Honorable Rep. Fidel Nograles – does deserve being addressed as “Honorable”! Not even Representatives from typhoon-prone Visayan Regions, specifically Eastern Visayas, have thought about passing Bills to help the beleaguered Waray-Warays.

Rep. Nograles thought of submitting HB 1972 after super typhoon Kardings devastation of Northern and Central Luzon. It is highly possible some Lawmakers are not aware that Sierra Madre, the longest mountain range in the country, provides protection to the Luzon, Visayas and part of Northern Mindanao from the onslaught of Pacific-borne typhoons.

HB 1972 seeks to create a super administrative body called the Sierra Madre Development Authority (SMDA) that will pass, implement measures to preserve the natural shield in the face of worsening climate crisis, lead the government’s anti-illegal logging and reforestations Sierra Madre, prevent the construction of unwarranted and illegal infrastructure, enhance and develop indigenous resources in the area that can be utilized for development and educate people on the importance of the mountain range as well as conduct a comprehensive survey of the Sierra Madre regions physical and natural resources.
Biologically, several studies have been (some are on-going researches) undertaken to document the biodiversity of the mountain range, e.g. taxonomic descriptions of new plant and animal species have been published, etc. It is highly probable that there plant species with potentials as raw materials for bacteria and virus-borne diseases.

Likewise, is the presence of precious stones and metals which if mined scientifically could be veritable export commodities and help improve the country’s saddled economy.

More than just the HB 1972, the obligation to preserve Sierra Madre is a concern of every Filipino. More measures need to be passed to protect the mountain for its aesthetic, scientific, and economic values. Also, information dissemination is in order to preserve and conserve the mountain range and its rich biodiversity, natural resources.
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