To fight and uncover government anomalies and corruption. This is the aim of the newly-formed FOIL (Freedom of Information League). The founders are (from right) Ramon Cuyco, Reyzandro Unay, Dalmacio “Massey” Grafil and Alvin Arpon.

TACLOBAN CITY- President Reyzandro Unay stresses that FOIL is a public interest group that is willing to partner with any sector–public or private, who will stand up against shenanigans in government be they committed or omitted by friends as well as foes of this Administration.
FOIL stands for Freedom of Information League.
It will not brook tolerance for, allowance of, or connivance with the perpetrators of any scheme and scam that are devised to defraud the government and its people.
Currently, it has been sending letters demanding for information in the exercise of every taxpayer’s constitutional right to information.
At least, in compliance with the requirements of due process.
In the crosshairs of FOIL are the DOTr-PPA’s TABS, the DOTr-LTFRB’s unwarranted actions on the operation of GRAB and UBER (that he prefers their services, is an entirely different matter), and DOTr-LTO’s delayed compliance to the Supreme Court’s order to refund the illegally collected RFID from vehicle owners some years back.
Reports have it that FOIL will also look into DOTr-CAAP’s inaction over a long-delayed collection of BILLIONS OF PESOS of government revenue in the form of aviation fees adjudged collectible from an airline company.
This young public interest and advocacy group headed by a retired police general as chairman, lawyer Unay as president, a community paper publisher as a board member, a retired executive director of a government office as a board member, and steered by a retired government executive as board member and lead convenor.
Of late, some individuals are undergoing briefing and leveling of expectations session as pre-requisite to joining the Freedom of Information League (FOIL).
It’s battlecry is: FOIL it, if you’re against it! And, its mantra is that of K. Kleine: “If you will not tell the truth, somebody will!”