Everytime we humans partake food, someone has to die.

The plants we uproot and we cut, dies. The animals we have to slaughter and dismembered. The Fishes we uproot from the seas and we hooked, choked and eventually boil. The fowls we shot and decapacitate and the species of flora and sfauna who shows up our table are sacrificial lambs to appease our hunger and entertain us. Creating nourishment and emotional security. They die so we may live.

We humans are never lacking of anything, the Earth provides. It gives food, shelter and furthermore, it gives wonder. It allows survival and creates hope.

While we wantonly destroys natures way of maintaining our survival , we seldom gets an epiphany, we miss the lessons, we never recognize the pedagogy and the methods of natures teaching. We harvest more, we gather beyond our carrying capacity we use too much and plant too little.

We fast track processes that takes decades to complete , we exploit resources and never worry of the fiture, we need to have more today. We call this Earth as Mine not ours! That is why there is Mining and its root word is Mine, not Ours.

Everytime, we partake in a meal we are reminded that living things had died so you will have your fill. Everytime , we see and eat the delicious Peking Duck and Baby Back Ribs we fail not to see the sacrifice of that pitiful fowl and that gentle beast.

We must be grateful for the furtherance of our lives, someone or something has to stop living.

Next time you have your good fill in that sumptuous banquet, remember to be grateful.