In Biliran

CAIBIRAN, Biliran – A government employee of this town is being accused to have raped or sexually molested several minor children.
The employee, who will not be named in this story, however, was quick to deny the allegations against him as per advice of his lawyer.
The Leyte Samar Daily Express visited the alleged suspect at the Biliran Provincial Hospital in Naval town where he is confined after his blood pressure shoot up.
But one of the parents of his alleged victim, a 14-year old girl, claimed that his daughter was raped by the suspect.
According to the father of the victim, whose name will not also be divulged being a minor, her daughter was sexually molested by the suspect in several occasions.
The first incident said to have happened sometime last year inside the house of the suspect when the young victim was cleaning his house.
In that instance, the suspect touched the private parts of the victim, who was with her siblings.
Then another similar incident happened during a wake where the suspect again molested the minor by touching her private parts.
And the worst thing happened September of this year when the victim, who was then passing at the suspect’s house, grabbed her and forced her to enter his house where she was said to have been raped by him.
Based on a medico-legal report presented by the father during an interview, laceration on the victim’s private parts and presence of spermatozoa were seen.
The 34-year old father of the young victim said that they would press their complaint against the suspect.
He also alleged that the suspect has also committed sexual violence involving minors.
“I am asking other victims to come out and report to the police what they experienced from the hands of the suspect,” he said.
He said that due to trauma she had experienced, he asked his daughter to stop going to school.
Chief PLt. Vic Viros, the town police chief, said that two other minor victims of the suspect came to their station to report the sexual violation committed to them by the suspect.
The Provincial Prosecutor’s Office based in Naval filed charges of acts of lasciviousness against the suspect last Friday (Sept.27) and also received complaints from the two other minor victims.
“Based on the testimony of the victim, there is sufficient information to file rape charges against the suspect,” PLt Viros said,disagreeing the findings of the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office.
The Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office in Caibiran (MSWDO) provided assistance to the victims while the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office (PSWDO) gave an assurance that they would provide all the necessary assistance to the victims’ while their cases are pending.