ORMOC CITY- Work with integrity and diligence. This is what Victor Sanchez considers as his mantra as he continues to persevere in his work despite being among the lowest paid workers of the city government. As the one responsible in the upkeep of the sprawling garden within the premises of the City Hall, the 58 year old has to contend with the burning heat of the sun as he carry on with his duties.

For the past several years now, the father of seven children has been doing the same routine and get to paid, at present, P260, the minimum wage for so-called job order(JO) workers of the city government. Aside from ensuring the area clean, Sanchez has to plant and do the landscape of the City Hall’s garden. Despite the hard work, Sanchez was never to have been heard complaining of his job as a lowly government worker, albeit not in permanent position despite his service of 21 years. Hard work, they say, has its own reward. And Sanchez has his own share of recognition when he was named as the “best employee” for the year 2012 by the City of Ormoc Government Employees Association (COGEA). His salary may be meager, but Sanchez was able to provide the needs of his wife and seven children, three are now married; three others working in Manila; one just finished a computer school while the youngest is in Grade 10. His wife works as a part-time nanny, helping the family’s small income. Sanchez is practical enough to say that he could not reach greater high in the ladder of government worker force considering that he was only able to finish elementary as his family was hard-up. But still, Sanchez vow to be the best worker in the field and said would continue to work until retirement age beckons. (ELVIE ROMAN ROA)