OBSERVER By: Alvin GZ. Arpon

Former first lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos is sentenced – 77 years on prison by the Sandiganbayan on plunder as shown by about $200 million stuffed abroad through a foundation she and former President Ferdinand Marcos established during their 20-year rule, 14 years of which under a dictatorship.
Mrs. Marcos was then a member of the Cabinet as Minister of Human Settlements. Before this designation she was a member of the Batasang Pambansa (now Legislative department) and later on as Metro Manila governor.
Well, everyone who lived during the Marcos 20-year rule are aware of what really happened in those days.
But one thing no one can deny, and less mentioned these days is there were so much impressive programs and projects the Marcos era has done. Most impressive is Pan-Philippine Highway that connected all regions from Luzon down to Mindanao. In Leyte stands the impressive and modern San Juanico (former Marcos Bridge) that connects Leyte and Samar. And a lot more.
Back to Imelda
Hereunder are observations that need to be looked into to make the decision of 77 years imprisonment of the former first lady credible.
(1) She is 89 years old. By the time she is released from prison she shall have been 166 years old. Certainly this is not attainable by humans in this present world-generation. Even to reach 100 years old only very few people live this long. Sandiganbayan will say it’s the law; but we say is there no way to hand down credible decisions in order not to appear unsound or stupid?
(2) Why is it that only Imelda is charged of this “crime”. Did she do it by herself only? That’s Impossible. Imelda is not a lawyer and not equipped with the technical know- how as regard this venture that allegedly earned her $200 million.
(3) The biggest question is: why it took about 3 decades, 27 years to be precise for the Sandiganbayan to decide this case?
Of course we know the answers. We don’t have to speculate. BET? Will she spend a day in prison? Abangan!!!!!