STA.FE, Leyte- Born with a physical disability, Violeta Milar of Sitio Pulak of Barangay San Isidro, this town, did not lose any hope in life.
Her condition did not stop her from supporting her family. She worked as a canteen crew despite her condition.
After super typhoon ‘Yolanda’ struck the province on November 8, 2013, her family was one of the very first families to be relocated in Barangay San Isidro where she became the president of the These Abled Person Teirra Esperanza Farmers’ Association (TAPTEFA).
TAPTEFA is an association composed of farmers who have physical disabilities.
As the president, Milar knew she had to do something for the association. So together with the other members of TAPTEFA, they went to Governor Leopoldo Dominico Petilla and asked for a livelihood assistance.
Immediately, their association underwent a four-month season-long training for high value vegetables and fruit crops.
Despite the members’ physical disabilities, they were able to grow quality agricultural products. On February 22, 2018, they started their egg-laying project given by the governor.
Through their hard work and determination, the project became successful in just a span of time. The few number of chickens that they had before grew and has now reached around 1,400 heads.
These chickens produce 45 to 45 to fifty trays of eggs every day and provide the association with enough income for each of its members.
They sell the eggs for P150 to P170 per tray depending on the size. Often times, they encounter shortage of the egg supply because of the increasing demand of orders from the customers.
According to Miler, cooperation has led to their success. Their so-called ‘rotation of duties’ where some members are assigned to clean the chicken cage, some to segregate the eggs in sizes, and others to feed the chickens hasten their work.
They feed the chickens three times a day and a total of 45 jags of water. They also use organic vitamins and apply natural methods in treating their chickens.
The joy that this egg-laying program has brought to all the members of TAPTEFA is more than enough for Miler to thank everyone who gave their trust and support to them.
“As a person with disability and president of TAPTEFA, I am very happy that we (PWDs) are not being left behind in our society because Governor Petilla cares for us and helps us improve our lives,” she said.
“We may not all have the same situations and there may be differences among us in other aspects of life, every one still has a role to play and nothing in this world can hinder us. As an association, TAPTEFA has endeavored the challenges that’s why today, their story has proven that not even physical impairment can disable them from doing the best out of their abilities,” Miler added.
(KATHLEEN MAE VALENCIA, Visayas State University Intern)