TACLOBAN CITY – A structure intended for pregnant mothers who are to deliver their babies is to be completed soon.
Board Member Alan Ang of Leyte’s third district and former mayor of San Isidro town, said that the structure, known as the “waiting home” is now about 85 percent completed.
The “waiting home,” which was donated to the town of San Isidro by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency, aims to help lessen, if not totally prevent, cases of maternal and maternal in the town.
“The idea there is for the pregnant women to stay there (for a week) prior to their delivery date so they could reach the birthing facility immediately when they feel the contraction due to labor pain,” Ang explained.
The facility is located around 40 meters away from the town’s birthing clinic. Those who will use it will not be charged.
The structure, consisting of eight rooms with a kitchen, is said to be a first of its kind in the region, he added.
It cost about P1 million with the local government of San Isidro’s only counterpart was the location.
“If this becomes operational, the cases of maternal and child death in my town will be lessen and we will be assured of the safe delivery of the baby because they will be born in a center that is supervised by medical workers,” Ang said.