Former Tacloban City Mayor Alfred Romualdez said that good and effective governance will be among the cornerstones of his administration as he seeks the position he held for nine years in this year’s midterm elections.

TACLOBAN CITY- Alfred Romualdez, former mayor of this city, finds himself back in the game of politics after three years.
In an exclusive interview, Romualdez who is running unopposed as mayor of this city in this year’s midterm elections, discussed his platforms and advocacies on his political comeback.
When asked about his political agenda, the former mayor talked about the need to restudy ordinances especially the old ones which are no longer applicable to present times and conditions.
Romualdez, who was Tacloban’s mayor for nine years ending in 2016, also emphasized the necessity of manpower and technical people to come in and work for the government since it’s hard to convince career people to work for the city because most of them prefer to work in private sectors where they are able to acquire better compensation.
In relation to his political comeback, since it has been three years after his last term, a lot has happened within that period of time.
This 2019, Romualdez is leaning towards a clean, good, and effective governance.
“In any endeavor, in any challenges, always do your best. In my part, I think I did my best.” (KIARA ALER, THEA MENDOZA, ALMIRA MIRALLES, STUDENT INTERNS, ST.THERESE EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION OF TACLOBAN, INC.)