Part of the ‘Bahandi’ road show

TACLOBAN CITY – Traders from the region who participated in this year’s Megatrade held at SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City have collectively surpassed their income compared with their target goal.

Based on the report from the Department of Trade and Industry disclosed that the 119 micro, small, and medium (MSMES) traders who joined the trade fair generated a total income of P34 million.

For this year trade fair, 28 MSMES were from Northern Samar; 35 from Leyte; 23 from Samar; 16 from Eastern Samar; 14 from Biliran; and three from Southern Leyte.

On the last day of the festival, the region’s traders were able to raise P44.9 million in income, or 128 percent surpass of the target.

Among the items sold at the trade fair were popular products from the region like the binagol, chocolate moron, suman, roscas, bud-bud, tinapa, tahong products, kalamansi concentrate, pili-nuts and non-food products like bags, banig, shell-based accessories.
Leading with the most generated income in the food sector was Leyte with P17 million followed by Northern Samar, P8.04 million; Samar, P8.2 million; Eastern Samar, P4.9 million; Biliran, P3.7 million; and Southern Leyte, P2.9 million.

For “wearables items,” Leyte products also generated with the highest income during the trade festival from the region, dubbed as ‘bahandi.’

Leyte earned P15.9 million followed by Eastern Samar, P4.3 million; Northern Samar, P3.2 million; and Biliran, P3.17 million.

Exhibitors were also recognized as they bagged several awards like the best dressed booth, presented to E.F. Winery of Leyte; the Rookie of the Year Award for non-food products, which was given to the Cagamutan Farmers Irrigators Association from Northern Samar; the Rookie of the Year Award for Food Products, to Rhea Noemi Food Products from Southern Leyte; the top performing exhibitor for food products, claimed by Danny’s Delicacies of Leyte; and the top performing exhibitor for non-food products, awarded to Eva Marie Arts & Crafts of Samar.