Doms Pagliawan

They’re all over social media, enticing people with their huge incomes earned in just short spans of time. They include pictures of their paychecks, thick money bills, newly-acquired elegant homes, and newly-bought glossy cars, expensive tours to world-class destinations, and many more.

Sometimes, they interact with their colleagues in the comments section, boasting about how they earned so much in just a few days. Their income based on their claims is unbelievable, surpassing the salaries of managers and company presidents, even those that work overseas and earn dollars. They are practically earning millions as claimed.
Why can’t they just keep their successes to themselves? Why not just keep quiet and enjoy what they earn? Why boast of their huge earnings with widespread publicity? Well, it’s because they are enticing people to join them in their company. In short, they are recruiting people. Why, what are they up to?

These people are into what we call the networking business. They earn by way of recruitment. The more people they recruit, the bigger earnings they get.

Theirs is very much like the pyramiding schemes that proliferated not so long ago. Countless people got hooked on joining these. They invested huge capital, but sad to say, many of them failed to recover their investment. They lost their hard-earned money to scammers.

This time, though, these companies have devised a new scheme—they now have products to sell or consume. When you join, you invest big amounts of money, but get their equivalent in terms of goods or wellness products. You can sell and earn as a result, or you may just consume them yourself. But these purchases further entitle you to commission percentages and a position in the pyramid of recruits.

In their recruitment ads, it appears as though the huge earnings you are to get are the salaries you will receive. But they are not. They are incentives you are likely to get if you will be able to recruit new investors. Such recruitment should never stop or else the said incomes will likewise stop.

It’s quite frustrating to those who join thinking that they will work as salaried workers. They hardly think that they are supposed to invest a huge amount, which they might not have hence their desire to work. Similarly, they do not expect that they will have to be recruiting people to do the same thing that they did.

Not only is it frustrating—but it’s also despicable to some. They look for jobs since they have no money, yet here comes a ‘company’ that will ‘employ’ them only if they will invest a big capital and recruit people to do the same. Despicable indeed, right? No wonder why many people are pissed off by these enticing advertisements. Who would not want fast and big income if only their companies are not into this networking thing?