Rice at low prices of twenty peso coin per kilogram is the greatest deception that the magical president did during his run for the presidential seat. People were taken for a ride, swallowing the promise hook, line and sinker despite the unbelievable talk. The thinking and discerning were skeptical of the promise and were never lured into the pit of deception. Unfortunately, the gullible lot outnumbered and outvoted the wise, eventually catapulting the magical president into office.

The unfolding comical skit staging a rift between the former president and the magical president is rooted on the attempt by the present administration to push charter change through constituent assembly. The main reason is purportedly to amend restrictive economic provisions of the 1987 constitution. But there are doubts from many quarters that those behind the move to change the charter are out to tinker the entire constitution.
The risk of exposing the constitution to politicians who have varied selfish interests is a real cause for concern by many senators and citizens. There is no need to amend the constitution at this time when the prime consideration is not merely to change the purported restrictive economic provisions but the other provisions, chiefly, the restrictions on term limits. Such unspoken aim is the greatest risk that could open the floodgates to unlimited changes that would eventually alter the system of government.

The prospect of term extension and the possibility of changing the system of government is a threat to to political ambition of the former president’s daughter who is aiming to become the next occupant in malacañan as president of the republic. She is too close to the top-most position and any attempt to derail if not block such path to the presidency would merit all efforts within her power to quill such political maneuvers.

The Filipino people are again placed in a lossing position as powerful politicians clash to pursue their personal ambitions. The hidden agenda being kept by the warring factions would soon be be unveiled. The political skirmishes are mere ways where powerful politicians are just clearly duping.

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