Amandangay Elementary School is one of the barrio schools of Tabontabon District, Tabontabon, Leyte. Before it has only one teacher with 2 grade levels.
Due to the rapid increase of enrolment in these two grade, which were the Grade 1 and Grade 2 and because of the opening of the Kindergarten class, the two grade levels became a mono-grade. Hence new teachers were hired.
Later on, the school heads of Tabontabon district decided to open Grades 3 and 4 classes and later Grades 5 and 6 due to rapid increase of enrolment, completing the elementary levels in the process in 2016.
Now, it has already a population of 132 school children, mostly 4Ps (Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program) members. There are 5 teachers with one school head.
Since the stakeholders are supportive in whatever plans, projects and programs of our school, we, the teachers and school head are inspired to do more for the good of our school children and the entire school.
So, last year we decided to organize our own school band. We informed the parents immediately and many of them were excited with the idea and many of them signify that they will let their kids join.
But then there were a lot of problems that we encountered along the way, mostly on financial aspect.
For one, we need to hire a trainer to teach our band members at a cost of P10,000. But due to our efforts, we were able to raise the said amount.
Then we lack instruments for the band. Of course, the band uniforms. Some of the parents who were willing to let their children join have no enough budget to buy the instrument/s and uniforms for their kids.
But then all these did not stop all of us for really making our dream in organizing our own school band. We continued our practices even if others have no band instrument yet. Those who have no instrument yet used the desks and empty water containers as their drums.
Until such time when our trainer decided to get a video of them and posted it in social media. Many shared his post. Then one of his friends saw the video and got pity with these school children. She is Cora – Corpin Dadison from Palo, Leyte. Then she has also a friend who is from Villaba, Leyte and is now based in America, Mercy Grace Veloso Sendras. She too felt pity with these children.
She invited me to see her last June 17, 2018.We met at Robinsons Mall. I told her more about our school and discussed further about our school band. She promised to donate band instruments for our school. Now, we are still waiting and hoping that this person with a good heart will fulfill her promise.
(The author is teacher of the Amandangay Elementary School in Tabontabon, Leyte).