The Department of Public Works and Highways in Leyte’s second engineering district officials recently conducted an ocular inspection on the progress of the widening of Balogohay Bridge in Carigara and Guinarona Bridge in Dagami. (Photo Courtesy)

TACLOBAN CITY– The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Leyte 2 District Engineering Office (L2DEO), led by District Engineer Leo Edward Oppura, along with the district office inspectorate team, conducted a site inspection of the ongoing widening bridges.

The bridges inspected were the Balugohay Bridge in Carigara, along the Barugo-Carigara road section, and the Guinarona Bridge in Dagami.

Both bridges will be expanded from two to four lanes to conform to the road widening projects of the department and to accommodate a larger number of vehicles.

The Balugohay Bridge widening costs P12.67 million while the Guinarona Bridge cost P 16.38 million.

The bridge projects involve the expansion of the existing bridge to a 5-meter width on both sides, including the sidewalks, construction with a concrete pile foundation, reinforced concrete deck girders, concrete railings, and the introduction of stone masonry works as slope protection.

The bridge widening project of the department aims to provide wider and safer roads for faster mobility of motorists and goods traveling along the road sections.

The project is funded under the DPWH-CY 2023 General Appropriations Act (GAA) Bridge Program- Retrofitting and Strengthening of Permanent Bridges.