The DPWH, Samar 2nd District Engineering Office, hosted the coordination meeting with the local government units (LGUs) represented by their municipal engineers, Land Transportation Office (LTO) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) which focused on the removal of the illegally parked/abandoned vehicles within the Road Right Of Way (RROW) limits of the national roads under the Samar 2nd area of jurisdiction.
District Engineer Gulmatico and Engr. Joy Salino of the DPWH, Regional Office discussed all government issuances with regards to the illegally parked vehicles and prohibited use within the RROW of national roads.
Those problems encountered in the implementation of the said undertakings were also taken up.
The main problem in Catbalogan City is the lack of impounding area for the towed/removed vehicles; and the hard time in locating the registered owners of these illegally parked/abandoned vehicles.
To address those problems, all attendees were solicited with suggestions/recommendation regarding the matter.
In Catbalogan City, all towed vehicles were currently deposited in front of PNP which obstruct the National Highway.
In the municipality of Hinabangan: in consonance with their existing municipal ordinance, violators are penalized and that illegal parking/abandoning are under control said the Municipal Engineer.
The LTO said that the impounding area in the City seems to be a problem since all towed vehicles are deposited in the LTO Office.
The PNP headed by Chief Edwin Barbosa, informed that a task force was created before where all towed vehicles are impounded in the DPWH, Area Equipment Unit located in the Brgy. Maulong, Catbalogan City. But the reassignment of the former DPWH Regional Director stopped the operation as the current Regional Director doesn’t allow the use of the BOE-AES II to be the impounding area anymore.
DPWH will conduct inventories of all abandoned/illegally parked vehicles within the Right of Way of national roads under the area of jurisdiction and furnished LTO, the engine and plate numbers of the vehicles for the identification of owner. The LTO also suggested to scrap abandoned vehicles especially those that were found unregistered. They also suggested that different municipalities must have an apprehension policy regarding these illegally parked vehicles and penalized the violators.
In case this apprehension will be ignored by the violators, they have to furnish the LTO a copy of the violation/ticket to alarm their system and implement penalty/ies during the renewal of vehicle registration.
Should all problem be solved, so with the apprehension policy, the flow of the traffic in every municipalities will go smoothly and travelers are assured of a better and safe way to reach their respective destinations. (PR)