LLORENTE, Eastern Samar – The Department of Public Works and Highways Eastern Samar District Engineering Office (DPWH ESDEO) and Department of Agriculture (DA) has completed the farm-to-market road (FMR) of Sitio Kapatagan, Brgy. Antipolo, Llorente, Eastern Samar.

The project involved the construction of a two-lane concrete road with a length of 399 meters. The total appropriation for the project was P13,000,000 with a contract amount of P12,935,000 funded under DA FMR 2023.

The completion of the project has brought great relief to the residents of Sitio Kapatagan and nearby areas who were previously facing difficulties in transporting their farm products due to the lack of a proper road.

Edgardo Grafel, a resident farmer of Brgy. Antipolo, shared his thoughts on the impact of the project.

“Han una kay waray pa man kalsada dida hiton nga Sitio Kapatagan makuri an panara han mga produkto. Urog na adton mga humay nga gindadara nganhi han amon barangay pati ngadto han poblacion makuri an kuan kay nagsusuhol ngan mahal an pag-aaro yan mga nagho-howl [In the past, Sitio Kapatagan didn’t have a road, which made it difficult to transport farm products, particularly rice, to our barangay and to the poblacion. The hauling cost was expensive, making it challenging for the locals to transport their goods],” he said.

Grafel added that the project’s completion has not only eased transportation for the residents but has also improved the overall quality of life in the area.

“ Maupay na itond mga kamutangan hit parag-uma didto ha kapatagan kay dara nga mayda na kalsada, nadederisto na it mga sasakyan ngadto ngan yadto na it mga produkto dada-a hiton ligid hit kalsada harani na iton pagdara ngan diri na madalunot iton dalan [Things have improved in Sitio Kapatagan since the road has been paved. Vehicles can now easily reach the area, and farm products can be transported more efficiently. The road is no longer slippery, making it safer for people and vehicles to travel],” said Grafel.

Meanwhile, District Engineer Domcelio M. Natividad also said that the road will provide ease of transportation for the residents and contribute to the area’s economic growth.
“We are proud to have been a part of this initiative, and we hope that it will continue to benefit the people of Brgy. Antipolo and nearby areas for years to come,” said DE Natividad.

The FMR project was started on May 16, 2023 and slated to be completed on August 19, 2023.