Biliran District Engineering Office is presently implementing the 1.48-kilometer two-lane road concreting of road leading to Ulan-Ulan Falls.

NAVAL, Biliran-David P. Adongay Jr., District Engineer of Biliran District Engineering Office (DEO), has disclosed that the district office has allocated a total of P228.880 million for the construction and improvement of access road project leading to Ulan-Ulan Falls in Almeria town that is seen to boost tourism in the province.
He said that the project is to be implemented on multi-year fund from 2018-2022 under the convergence program of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and the Department of Tourism (DOT).
“Ulan-Ulan Falls in Barangay Sampao, Almeria, Biliran is one of the most visited waterfalls by local and foreign tourists, thus prioritized for implementation,” said Adongay.
“With the accessibility of the tourist site, it will encourage more local and foreign tourists to visit Ulan-Ulan falls,” he added.
According to Adongay, the project covers a total of 7-kilometer two-lane road concreting of existing gravel road and rehabilitation of existing substandard concrete road from the national road junction of Brgy. Sabang, Naval, to Brgy. Tamarindo all the way to Brgy. Sampao in Almeria town where the Ulan-Ulan Falls is located.
Under the district’s 2018 implementation, Biliran DEO is presently implementing the 1.48-kilometer two-lane road concreting from Brgy. Sampao proper road going to Ulan-Ulan Falls which includes road opening, construction of drainage structures and slope protection structures amounting to P46.880M.
The project, as of February 28, has a 90% accomplishment.
“The completion of this project will reduce travel time from about 30-40 minutes hike from the barangay road, to just 5-10 minutes travel through a vehicle ride and another 5-10 minutes trail to reach the waterfalls,” said Adongay.
Meanwhile, Adongay said that this 2019, Biliran DEO will implement the rehabilitation of existing concrete road at the proper road of Brgy. Sampao, Almeria, Biliran to Brgy. Tamarindo section converting one lane road to a two-lane road with a length of 1.04-kilometer including drainage structure with an allocation fund of P30M.
Adongay added that the rehabilitation of existing concrete road from Brgy. Sampao road proper will continue down to Brgy. Tamarindo and Brgy. Sabang in the next coming years.
The project was prioritized because the existing concrete road from Brgy. Sabang to Brgy. Tamarindo and to Brgy. Sampao where the Ulan-Ulan Falls is located has already shown deterioration posing danger to the travelling public.
The completion of the 5-year project implementation will also provide a better road for around 5,000 residents in three barangays in the municipality, namely, Tamarindo, Iyusan and Sampao. (PR)